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Awareness Program on World Cancer Day-2023

Supporting the fighters, admiring the survivors, honouring the taken, and never, ever giving up hope Awareness program held at Mata Prabhavati Bal Shiksha Niketan by ASSI Varanasi team on the ocassion of World Cancer Day on 4th Feb 2023.

ASSI celebrated International Rural Womens Day

Rural women farmers have always been the backbone of large majority of farming business and really needs appreciation and recognition. ASSI celebrating International Rural Womens Day at Nibah Vallage, Varanasi, under the theme Rural Women , key for a world free from hunger and poverty.

The Union Bank of India Team visited BSG, Gorakhpur

On 2nd October 2022, on the occasion of Gandhi Jayanti, the Regional Manager of the Union Bank of India, accompanied by his family and other managers from different branches of the bank visited the children at ASSI, Gorakhpur. The UBI Team interacted with the BGS children and brought gifts for them. Heartfelt thanks to Union Bank of India for sharing your love and joy with us and for making the day special for the children.

Inaugurated KIIT Patna

On 27th June 2022, ASSI Patna inaugurated KIIT (Knowledge Institute of Information Technology), a computer institute which aims to provide education on computer and information technology. The vision of KIIT is -Connecting people to the priority of life- It aims to educate and provide opportunities to the youth.

Health Checkup for School Children

Health Checkup camp organized for School Children on 28th July at Gramin Siksha Kendra Junior School run by ASSI


On 17th July 2022 a workshop was organized on Domestic Violence at Muchibazar. The women who participated in the program mostly work as domestic helper and cook. There were 30 women in the program. The program was graced with the presence of Ms. Diksha Ghosh (Criminal Defence Advocate of High Court Calcutta).

Counselling Centre inaugurated at KIIT Kolkata

INAUGURATION OF COUNSELLING CENTRE AT KIIT KOLKATA The center was inaugurated on 1st July 2022. Mr. Kevin Lines, Director of CMF International and Mr. Victor John, President of ASSI, India graced the occasion.

Aware the children about traffic rules

Traffic on roads have become increasingly busy, it is important to aware the children about traffic rules and regulations in order to prevent from road accidents and undesirable situation. In the picture: Children coloring related to traffic at Slum Railway Station.

ASSI Patna team distributing food and warm clothes to needy people

Along with pandemic, many people battle with cold and hunger on the streets everyday in India. Yet again, ASSI Patna team did a marvelous act by distributing food and warm clothes to 150 needy people.

ASSI Delhi organized an awareness program on World Cancer Day

ASSI Delhi, on World Cancer Day organized an awareness program in Mayapuri. Team members gave awareness on different types of cancer , its prevention and treatment facility available in Delhi . 24 women participated in this program under the theme Close the Care Gap

ASSI organized Couples Seminar

Lack of communication, financial needs, commitment etc. between spouses often leads to divorce in many families. Healthy relationship between spouses can improve mental and emotional health and helps to have a fuller life. ASSI organized Couples Seminar on the theme Role in Family, Relationship, Trust & Health in Patna and Varanasi, nearly 100 people attended were motivated and encouraged through the seminar. Couples also participated in various assigned activities towards improving their communication and overcoming challenges in the family. It was a very successful program.

ASSI Gorakhpur organised Child Rights Awareness Rally

ASSI Gorakhpur organised Child Rights Awareness Rally on 24th Nov 2021. Railways slum children participated in the rally holding placards and voicing out for their rights.

Childrens Day Celebration

On the occasion of Childrens Day, ASSI Bal Shishu Grih, Gorakhpur, organized competitive sport events for the children. Gifts were distributed after the events. Mrs. Usha Das, Admin. Director of ASSI encouraged the children to focus on their studies. Later, homage was paid to late Jawaharlal Nehru, the first prime minister of India who strongly advocated for childrens education by placing garlands on his portrait.

Covid-19 vaccination program for the third gender

On 11th October 2021, ASSI in collaboration with Ekda Seva Sansthan initiated a covid-19 vaccination program for the third gender and needy people. 245 people were vaccinated through the help of District Health Department. ASSI also distributed dry food to 200 families on the same day. Mrs Usha Das, Admin Director of ASSI was invited as Chief Guest in the program. It was successful program.

ASSI Kolkata organized workshop on Child Rights

Not every child has a sense of equality , fairness and justice. Many children face mistreatment and violation behind closed doors without realizing that their lives are at risk. Therefore, children need to know how rights apply to them and how to get help when they feel at risk. Education has the power to change lives. on 19th Oct, 2021, ASSI Kolkata team organized workshop on Child Rights. Altogether 24 children participated in the program.

Celebrated Gandhi Jayanti and Lal Bahadur Shastri Jayanti

Celebrated Gandhi Jayanti and Lal Bahadur Shastri Jayanti at ASSI Gorakhpur campus with BSG children.

Football Club ASSI Patna organized an exhibition match

New Yarpur Football Club ASSI Patna organized an exhibition match between New Yarpur Football Club Vs Kingfisher SB Football Club NYFC won the match 2-1 against Kingfisher SB football Club.

Sangeeta Yadav, the MLA of Chorichaora visited ASSI shelter home

On the occasion of our honorable Prime Minister Shri. Narendra Modi birthday, Mrs. Sangeeta Yadav, the MLA of Chorichaora visited ASSI shelter home. During her visit, she spent time interacting with the BSG children and brought gifts for them. ASSI wishes a very Happy Birthday to Shri Narendra Modi.

2nd dose of Covid-19 vaccination at ASSI campus, Gorakhpur

2nd dose of Covid-19 vaccination at ASSI campus, Gorakhpur on 8th July 2021. 75 people were successfully vaccinated.

Vaccination Awareness Program

People who have not been vaccinated are variant factories and super spreaders of COVID-19, which poses a great risk for themselves and everyone around them. A few days ago ASSI has formed teams who are called Corona Yoddha meaning Corona Warriors with an aim to spread awareness in rural areas by dispelling the myths and fears associated with the COVID-19 vaccines. Due to the reluctance of the people, it has become very challenging for the administration to vaccinate them. The team has come forward to encourage these villagers for vaccination through door-to-door visits, distributing pamphlets and informing them about the benefits of vaccination. As a result of the efforts of the Corona Yoddha team, many people have come forward willingly for the vaccination. It has been a rewarding experience for our staff & volunteers.

Awareness program on vaccination

Corona warriors under Asian Sahyogi Sanstha India, took initiative to spread awareness in several rural areas about the needs and importance of vaccination. With the continuous rise in the number of covid-19 case in India, many people specially living in the rural areas are still reluctant and has fear to vaccinate.

Medical camp at Varanasi

On the occasion of Nation Doctor’s Day, ASSI team Varanasi organized a free general medical check-up camp. Total of 45 people were given free medicines and health check up by the doctors. It was mainly organized for the benefit for the people living in the slums of Nadesar. Dr. Sandeep Kumar Tiwari and Dr. Rajesh Kumar Chaudhary were also invited as Chief Guest for the program.

Counselling and hygiene education

On 29th June 2021 ASSI Varanasi team organized counselling and hygiene education program for railway station and slums area family with the help of SHO Suresh Kumar Sing. He made aware of the Covid situation and necessary precautions to be followed. Hygiene kits were also distributed to the children.

COVID-19 vaccination camp

On 7th June 2021, Women & Child Welfare Department, Gorakhpur organized a fee COVID-19 vaccination camp at Asian Sahyogi Sanstha India with the support of Health Department, Gorakhpur. Altogether 161 individuals of different ages (18 to 45) were vaccinated.

Chief Minister of Uttar Pradesh, Shri. Yogi Adityanath visited the childrens shelter home, ASSI, Gorakhpur

Honourable Chief Minister of Uttar Pradesh, Shri. Yogi Adityanath visited the childrens shelter home, ASSI, Gorakhpur on 18th June 2021. He was welcomed by Mrs. Usha Das, Admin. Director, ASSI. He interacted with the staff and appreciated the good work done by ASSI. He later distributed gifts to the children and enjoyed watching the talent presentation of the children.

ASSI Varanasi team on 27th January organized a training program on the importance of education

Since independence, India always focused on improving the literacy rate in the country. Education is very important for both boy and girl. The rate of the girl education in India is extremely low. Generally, in rural areas parents think that education is not important for girl child and should stay at home to help family. Women education in India is the need of the hour. ASSI Varanasi team on 27th January organized a training program on the importance of education under sustainable safe childhood where 62 women attended the program. It was a very effective program.

Republic Day celebrated

Republic Day was celebrated at ASSI Gorakhpur with rest of the other branches. Chief guests were also called in all the respective branches and started the function by hoisting the National flag, honoring the day, slums and ASSI children took part in singing, dancing and drawing. It was a very memorable day.

National Girl Child Day Program at Varanasi

National Girl Child Day in India was first Initiated in 2008 by the Minister of Women and Child Development. It is celebrated every year on 24th January by raising awareness among people about inequalities, discrimination, exploitation face by girls in the society. ASSI Gorakhpur celebrated National Girl Child Day with CMF children and encouraged the children on the importance of girl education and their health and nutrition.

ASSI Kolkata team along with SAC children celebrated the 125th Netajis birth anniversary

On 23rd January annually India celebrates the birthday of Netaji Jayanti, a prominent Indian freedom fighter also known as Netaji Subhas Chandra Bose Jayanti. In order to honor and remember Netajis indomitable spirit and selfless service to the nation, ASSI Kolkata team along with SAC children celebrated the 125th birth anniversary. Free medical check-up was also held for the children.

ASSI Kolkata team organized an awareness program Human traffickings on 11th January 2021

ASSI Kolkata team organized an awareness program on 11th January 2021 with 50 women at Dumdum park Kolkata. This program was organized to spread awareness and educate women on the issue. Human trafficking is modern day slavery that includes men, women and children of all ages, race and nationalities. In India, although illegal under law remains a significant problem. Let us take steps towards ending of modern slavery.

Award received from Civil Defense Gorakhpur

On 6th Dec 2020, Commendation award certificate was given to Mrs. Usha Das (Admin Director) by Civil Defense Gorakhpur, on behalf of ASSI for providing relief food to poor and supporting during covid-19 pandemic. (Award received by ASSI staff)

Celebrated International Day of person with disabilities

ASSI Varanasi team celebrated International Day of person with disabilities with children of Sigra Child Line and distributed blanket.

workshop on Sustainable Safe Childhood at Varanasi

Educating the mothers for a healthy and safe family is a necessity. ASSI, seeing the need to educate mothers about malnutrition and health care, organized a workshop under Sustainable Safe Childhood on 30th Nov 2020 at Lohta Dhannipur, Varanasi. Pregnant mothers were advised to take proper and nutritious food for the health of the unborn babies. Women were also encouraged to wear mask, maintain social distance and hygiene. Later nutritious food was distributed to about 40 women.

Awareness program at Gorakhpur

Lack of technological infrastructure in remote and rural areas lead to information inadequacy. Even as the COVID-19 pandemic worsens, there are still many people without proper awareness about the corona virus and how to deal with the pandemic. ASSI team on 6th Nov 2020 organized Information on Wheels an awareness campaign on corona for Chehri village. The community, both old and young, were made aware about the precautions to be taken and the importance of cleanliness during this pandemic.

Mrs. Usha Das (Admin Director) Received Government award as Corona Warrior

The Uttar Pradesh Government awarded Mrs. Usha Das (Admin Director) as Corona Warrior on behalf of ASSI for being brave and a great support to many during the covid-19 pandemic. ASSI has been very active in relief works during these hard times. Countless people have been benefited through the food and other necessities distribution and the awareness programs that have been organized. But all these would not have been possible without the help of the donors and supporters. So ASSI would like to thank you all and request you to continue supporting us.

Malnutrition Awareness Program at Varanasi

Malnutrition affects people in every country. India being a developing country with vulnerable populations, people are living in hunger without proper nutrition due to poverty. As a result, malnourished mother gives birth to underweight babies. Educating the mothers for healthy and safe family is very necessary. ASSI Varanasi, on 29th Oct 2020, organized a workshop for 40 women and distributed hygiene products and nutritious food.

State Bank of India- Lucknow Team Visited BSG Children

On 28th Oct 2020, Mr. Ajay Kumar Khanna, Chief General Manager- State Bank of India- Lucknow, U.P along with his colleagues visited ASSI and had a short interactive session. He also inaugurated the park recreational equipments which were donated by the SBI. In addition to that the SBI also donated some bicycles and diapers for the BSG children. ASSI is previledged and thankful to to have SBI come forward and support us.

Mrs. Usha Das (for ASSI) received the Uttar Pradesh Government Award for her active participation in the Mission Shakti Campaign.

On 25th Oct 2020, Uttar Pradesh government awarded Mrs. Usha Das (on behalf of ASSI) for taking active part in mission Shakti campaign which was launched on 17th Oct 2020 for safety and dignity of women and girls. We at ASSI thank each and everyone for supporting us through different means. It is our desire that together with your support, we can work for a better world.

Mission Shakti, ASSI Varanasi team organised a programme under at SSC center in Lohta, Dhannipur.

In continuation of the efforts on Mission Shakti, ASSI Varanasi team organized a programme under at SSC center in Lohta, Dhannipur. The Sub Inspector of the Lohta police with primary school teachers, ASHA (Accredited Social Health Activist) and Anganwadi women talked about the Mission Shakti campaign to the women and girls. Along with this, the BGS children were also taught about Mission Shakti, women empowerment, COVID-19 awareness and various emergency helpline numbers.

Mission Shakti: Mahila help desk inauguration

Mission Shakti: Uttar Pradesh C.M. Yogi on 23rd Oct inaugurated Mahila help desk which was launched in all 1535 police stations of U.P as a part of ‘Mission Shakti’ to ensure the security of female and children. Women help desk which will function 24x7 would focus on making the police station more women-friendly, approachable and have female police officer. ASSI Gorakhpur team led by Admin. Mrs. Usha Das took part in the inauguration at Khoraba police station and later distributed pamphlets containing the contacts of the Mahila Help Desk, Child Helpline and other emergency services. The pamphlet also contained information on the rights and privileges of women and also some public safety instructions.

Awareness program on Child Rights at Kurj Bihar

India is home to the large number of children in the world where almost 40 per cent of children are vulnerable and exposed to violation of their rights which remain spread and multiple in nature. To protect, care and educate the children is the need of the hour. ASSI Patna team on 21 Oct organized an awareness program on Child Rights at slum area, New Toli, Kurj Bihar. The children were made aware of their rights to live, right to development, right to security and the right to participation. The program was very beneficial and received positive responses from the parents.

Mission Shakti campaign for the safety and dignity of women and girls

Uttar Pradesh Chief Minister Yogi Adityanath on Saturday, October 17, launched ‘Mission Shakti’ campaign focusing on ensuring the safety and dignity of women and girls, with a stern warning that perpetrators of crimes against females will be dealt with an iron hand. In solidarity with the cause, ASSI Gorakhpur, led by Admin. Director, Mrs. Usha Das participated in a rally organised to launch the campaign.

one day workshop on topic - Role of a teacher in changing scenario

A one day workshop on the topic - Role of a teacher in changing scenario -was organized by ASSI, Gorakhpur. The resource person was Mrs. Manju Das. She spoke on the positive traits a teacher should have and about child centered education. Teachers from both Chehri and Siswa Schools, which are run by ASSI, attended the workshop. There were interactive session and activities for the participants.

Micro Loan Distributed for Migrants

In Phulwari Sharif, a batch of migrants was given micro loan. Till date a total of 43 migrants are given assistance through this initiative of ASSI.

Gandhi Jayanti Celebration

On 2nd Oct, ASSI Gorakhpur along with other branches celebrated the birthday of two important leaders of India, Mahatma Gandhi (Freedom fighter) and Lal Bahadur Shasthri (Former Prime Minister of India). The children sang songs, presented skits and dances to commemorate the day.

ASSI Kolkata celebrated birthday of SAC Children

SAC home boys of ASSI Kolkata celebrated birthday on 26th Sep with COVID warriors like police, doctor, nurse and social workers. The boys were overjoyed to receive messages from the President and Administrator of ASSI through social media. The chief guest (CWC chairman & Sub Inspector) presented the award to the boys for excellence in education, for best behavior and for child of the year.

Gifts for the Bal Shishu Grih Children - ladies wing of Rotary Club

On 15th Sep 2020, Interwheel Club of Gorakhpur horizon (ladies wing of Rotary Club) visited ASSI Gorakhpur with gifts for the Bal Shishu Grih Children led by its president Sonia Gupta. The children were so happy to receive the gifts. ASSI is always blessed and thankful for all your prayers and support.

Teachers Day Celebration

Varanasi team celebrated Teachers Day and had a very meaningful time by watching masterji (Teacher) movie. The BGS children also gifted their hand made cards to their tutors by appreciating for their hard work and sacrifices to teach the children.

Teachers Day Celebration

5th Sept 2020. ASSI Gorakhpur celebrated Teachers Day at the office hall. A program was held where a speech was given by the children of BSG on the significance of the day followed by performances by children and gift distribution to the teachers. Everyone gathered for the occasion took part in games and had an enjoyable and a meaningful day.

Dry Ration Distrybution

28th August 2020 Due to Covid-19 lockdown situation many migrants labors and low income workers are unable to find work for more than six months. They are thus struggling to feed their families. ASSI have taken the initiative to identify these people in need and have distributed dry food rations to about 311 families of the Maithili community in Darbhanga, Bihar.

Womens Equality Day Online empowerment Program

On 26th Aug ASSI Patna team organized an online program to celebrate the Womens Equality Day where more than 100 women participated. There were talks on women empowerment and womens rights and quality.

Legal awareness program Organized by the District Legal Services Authority at ASSI, Gorakhpur

A legal awareness program was organized by the District Legal Services Authority at ASSI, Gorakhpur in collaboration with the National Commission for Women. The women attendees were briefed about the special provisions for women provided by the legal system in India.

Independence Day Celebration at ASSI Gorakhpur

The 74th Independence Day Celebration at ASSI Gorakhpur. The chief guest hoisted the flag and Mrs. Usha Das, Administrative Director enthralled the gathering with a patriotic message and the BSG children performed some items to celebrate the day.

Sewing Machine Distributed

ASSI Varanasi on 13th August donated 5 sewing machines to help women to be self sufficient during this time of COVID-19 pandemic.

Relief work at Kolkata

On 20th July, the Kolkata team in partnership with the International Justice Mission (IJM) distributed 160 ration kits to survivors of sex trafficking, HIV patients and migrant labourers.

Relief Work at kolkata

Humanitarian work carried out by the Kolkata team by distributing masks, ration and hygiene kits to about 130 physically challenged people and leprosy patients. The Kolkata team received a letter of appreciation from Government of West Bengal.

ATTENTION: Regarding Adoption: कृपया ध्यान दें: बच्चा गोद लेने के लिए सीधे कारा (CARA) से संपर्क करें.

ATTENTION: Regarding Adoption Kindly contact कृपया ध्यान दें: बच्चा गोद लेने के लिए सीधे कारा (CARA) से संपर्क करें. CARA- Central Adoption Resource Authority & Register yourself. Contacting us directly will not help.

Relief work @ Kolkata for families affected by Amphan.

Cyclone Amphan has wreaked havoc in West Bengal and left many homeless. Kolkata team distributed 95 ration kits and 200 mask to families affected by Amphan.

Food packet distribution at Patna

Patna team with the help of Digha Police and local youth distributed around 300 food packages to nearby community members of Patna zonal office including some needy people like widows, blind , and lepers.

Face Mask Unit Inaugurated

A mask sewing center was inaugurated by the President, ASSI, Mr. Victor John on 2nd June 2020 at ASSI Gorakhpur campus. This center was set up as a part of the relief work carried out for the COVID-19 pandemic. The centre employs women whose livelihood have been affected by the pandemic.

ASSI received certificate of appreciation from News Ground Magazine & Online news

Certificate of appreciation presented to Mrs. Usha Das, Administrative Director of ASSI on behalf of the organisation by the News Ground Magazine and Online News. This certificate was presented for the efforts made by ASSI during the COVID-19 pandemic. The organisation thanks every member of ASSI who have been a part of the effort.

ASSI handed over Necessary goods to District Administrator Gorakhpur for Community Kitchen

In continuation of the efforts to help the needy, the administrator of ASSI, Mrs. Usha Das met with the District Magistrate, Gorakhpur and handed over food, hand sanitisers and other necessary items towards the community kitchen set up by the district administration. The donations received at the community kitchen are managed and distributed by the district administration to the needy.

COVID-19 Relief packets Distributed in Kolkata, Delhi, Varanasi, Gorakhpur and Bihar

In the time of epidemic of Covid-19, The Government of India has also taken the decision of Lockdown to prevent the spread of disease. This made the lives of ordinary people difficult. We have seen the difficulties they face in and through visual media. The migration of daily wage workers in Delhi and other states is an example of this. The reason behind this migration was the survival of the lockdown. And thousands of people stayed here because they had no way to travel. They are struggling for food. In these circumstances under the leadership of ASSI food kits were distributed at various locations in Bihar, Gorakhpur, Delhi, Kolkata and Varanasi. It benefited thousands of people who struggled for food.

COVID-19 Relief work

The COVID-19 pandemic has left many people starving and fighting for their lives in India. We at ASSI have decided to do our bit in helping those in need.We have some face masks, soap bars and food packed and ready to be distributed.

COVID-19 Awareness campaign

An awareness campaign by ASSI to combat corona virus was organized for families residing at railway slum areas. Sanitation kits were also distributed to them. Prevention is better than Cure

ASSI received appreciation certificate

ASSI received appreciation certificate for the efforts put towards the Childrens Parliament Election held in the month of December, 2019. The certificate was presented by the commissioner of Varanasi.

Workshop on health, food and hygiene

A workshop on health, food and hygiene for malnourished mothers and children was held today at Lotha Dhannipur. A total of 25 women and 8 children attended the workshop. Refreshments were provided and hygienic products were distributed to everyone.

Blanket distribution

ASSI brings Joy to the children of Chehri School by spreading warmth with blanket distribution to survive the cold.

Recieved Award for Best Social Worker Organization

ASSI has been achieved as the best social worker award from Social Protection Legal Aid and Humanity Organization. ASSI President Victor John Received award from Comrade. Irome Sharmila

Rescue cum awareness Program.

On 7th September 2017, ASSI staff together with SATHI Sanstha (NGO) organized a rescue drive cum awareness program at Patna Junction Railway Platform. They formed a team and started marking all those abandoned, run away and destitute children. During this identification, 11 children were found who needed counselling and restoration back to their families. In the picture, one boy and his mother reuniting outside the Railway Police station.

Health check up Camp

Health check up provided by ASSI as a program on Sustainable safe childhood at Varanasi.

Sports activity

On account of national sports day we organised a program at Veer Kunvar Singh Park, with Yarpur FC And Chief Mr. Jwala Prasad, Secretary of Patna Football Association ASSI team works with delinquent street children through sports activity. Our primary aim is to engage and develop relationship with such children and use their energy creatively to the good of he society.