“Sharing Quality Lifestyle Through Integrated Development”


ASSI works in various fields through its numerous projects, like the Sahyog-A-Child project (Railway/Street/Slum kids), School Children Sponsorship Program, Bal Shishu,Grih (Child & Infant Shelter Home), Shelter Home, Literacy (adults & kids) Program, Urban Youth, Family Counseling, Vocational Training for Women, Physically Challenged, Medical Health Camps, Relief & Rehabilitation, Seminars & conferences/ workshops, Economic Development for Rural Community, Community Learning Centers, Counseling services to Prisoners (Welfare), Tailoring & Knitting Training Program, Self-Help Group (SHG) Program, Worm Farming/Vermiculture, Women Welfare Program. Awareness Programs on health and other social issues: HIV/AIDS, Japanese Encephalitis, Mother & Child care, Drug deaddiction, Environment, Tree plantation and Cleanliness.


This program focuses on children in the age group of 3-16 found either along the railway tracks or on railway platform. In each center across Kolkata, Patna, Varanasi we are trying to rehabilitate them by providing education, food and once a month checkup by medical professionals and trauma counseling.

After the basic initial education that ASSI provides for them daily at the respective centres, some of the children choose to go to regular school. ASSI facilitates their admission and looks after their educational and other needs. These children stay at our respective centres where a guardian mentors them.

Bal Shishu Grih

Bal Shishu Grih is one of the most significant project of ASSI. This provides Shelter Home for children from 0 to 10 years of age who have been abused, neglected, at-risk or abandoned by their families, parents or guardians. It is home for homeless children with modern facilities. Our children are well taken care by our staff, who are well trained and work 24x7 to, provide rehabilitation and care for the children; The capacity of this home is for 50 children both male and female. Occasionally, government officers have visited this home for inspection. We accept the orphan and underprivileged children through the Child Welfare Committee. We also provide adoption facility for compatible couple as we are authorized by Central Adoption Resource Authority (CARA) as a Specialized Adoption Agency.

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Literacy Centres

Children Literacy Center

The purpose of Children Literacy Center is to provide basic education for the under privileged people in rural areas. These children come from poor family and their parents cannot afford to send them to school. ASSI's program of alternative school makes it possible for children to enter formal schools and become part of the mainstream education.

Adult Literacy Center

Adult Literacy Center helps adults to read and write. As the parents see the progress of their children, many of them requested to be able to be taught as well. This literacy center usually being held between 2-4pm and have been made flexible during the harvest season.

Prisoners Counseling Services

Organization is running prisoner's welfare program. Under this, we are providing better learning opportunity to male, female and child inmates. So that, they could changed their life after released from the prison. We also organize various training program for their mental, physical, economic empowerment. After the release from prison, they could live independently, this uplifted the living condition of the women inmates; Inmates are feeling empowered by this new learned skill. Through personal counseling they come out of bitterness and pain of the past. This year 211 inmate benefitted through our various initiatives:

  • Sewing Training at district jail 30
  • Sewing Training at government observation home 20
  • Vocational Training(Candle making) at district jai l06
  • Music Class at Govt. Women Shelter Home 40
  • Counseling classes at district Jail 75
  • Medical Camp at District Jail 40 female

Women Empowerment

Skill based learning such as Sewing, Craft, Beautician, soft skill educational and entrepreneurial short-term courses which covers uneducated/less educated section of society. Our women empowerment programs are running across all our Centers such as Delhi, Kolkata, Gorakhpur, Patna and Varanasi.

Medical Relief Camp

ASSI believes that individual physical health is important to build a strong community. But health treatment is not available for many poor people as they cannot afford the cost. ASSI rendered services for medical assistance in rural areas of Uttar Pradesh and Bihar. Every year ASSI organized Medical Relief Camp by providing medical checkups and distribution of medicines, we are also conducts regular health check-up in our Literacy Center and Sahyog A Child Center.

Sports Activity

ASSI team works with delinquent street children through sports activity

Our primary aim is to engage and develop relationship with such children and use their energy creatively for the good of society.

According to level of interest and energy, we provide them with platform to develop their sporting skills and help them to be useful for their family/friends and community
Created sports club across Kolkata, Gorakhpur and Patna to provide sporting access to slum community children and use their energy creatively to develop them.


ASSI conducts and participates in issue based seminars and consultations. Our intent with such forum is to sensitize the stakeholders for collaborative participation for greater good that aid and develop our country's social and economic growth.

Our charitable work as afore-stated is supported by the generosity of our donors from India and outside whose unwavering support is benefitting many of the disadvantaged section of society.


Disasters and calamities are ruin the lives, snatch the livelihood means and destabilize the whole society.
In an instant, life can change for millions of families. Natural disaster can take homes and what little possessions they have. During humanitarian emergencies, responding immediately and effectively could mean saving many lives. During natural disaster and communal riots, there are critical shortages of food, medicine and shelter.
ASSI has therefore given due importance to disaster management and has been implementing various projects for Disaster Mitigation and Management.
In the past ASSI has quickly responded to natural calamities by providing first aid supplies, shelter, blankets, water, food and other basic survival materials.


  • In 1998 flood distroyed everything in & around Gorakhpur, we build 800 houses in partnership.
  • In 2004-2008 We conducted awareness program for encephalities and distributed Mosquito net.
  • In 2004- 2008 We distributed clean drinking water for 60,000+ people in Tsunami affected area in Tamilnadu.
  • We helped families in Nepal and Northern part of India in 2015 at the time of earthquake.
  • In 2017 flood at Bihar & UP, supplied food and waters to most needy.

  • KIIT (Knowledge Institute of Information Technology)

    We Providing basic and advanced computer knowledge through KIIT centre. The main objective of the organization is to create a better future of the youth. The organization helps the poor and helpless children to gain advance computer course, under professional and qualified instructors. Currently, the organization is successfully running KIIT’s in Delhi and Kolkata in which hundreds of youth are benefitted.

    Youth Development Program

    According to level of interest, we provide them with platform to develop their skills and help them to be useful for their family/friends and community. ASSI runs some of the welfare program under following banner:

    1.Community Learning Centre

    It is focused on empowering community leader-ship to resolve the local issues and to arouse community against social evils, poor habits etc.

    2. Soft Skills Development

    We run customized workshop with the help of our expertise to help those who require finish to be employable post completion of their gradua-tion/post-graduation degree and as well prepare people interested in entrepreneurship to equip and support them with skill and guidance.

    3. Social Awareness Program
  • Health Camps, Fair Assistance for underprivileged.
  • Trainings /Seminars/ Workshops on appropriate spiritual/social/technical/management issues