“Sharing Quality Lifestyle Through Integrated Development”

Are you interested in exciting volunteer work?
ASSI welcomes you to be part of this innovative movement to help save lives to live with dignity. You can help us in one of the following way:

  • Send Volunteers-Subject matter experts, Trainers, Translators, Teachers, Nurses, Doctors, etc.
  • Help us financially for Projects, Meetings/Conferences, and Training other agencies & individuals.
  • Provides us with printed resources like Children literatures, play Equipment's, Sports/School/Sewing Kits/Audio-Visuals/ Books or other educational support for Slum Children/Women.

  • You should be 18+ years of age to become our Volunteers for the following causes:
    • street children literacy Programs
    • Teaching English to our target audience
    • Helping in the office- compiling data
    • Counseling
    • teaching music
    • cooking and Art & Craft

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    If you are interested in volunteer work, please email us with your info to :


    We will contact you as soon as possible.

    assi family.

    ASSI has gathered substantial experience in child rescue and restoration. Following matrix gives brief view of openings and opportunities:

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