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Raju is a young boy in his early teen. His Parents passed away when he was very young. After his parents' death he began to live with his uncle but after few days his uncle dropped him at the Railway Station in Gorakhpur as he could not take care of him. Since last 7 years Raju survived by collecting junk, plastics etc from the garbage and selling them in the junk market. He also visits daily the feeding program at the Sahyog-a-Child centre. He was addicted to drugs and spent his time sniffing glue etc. One day as he was on his daily work he met with an accident and fractured his right leg that left him virtually immovable. He could not take care of himself, neither he was able to visit a doctor which really deteriorated his condition and he was suffering a lot in pain. One day He visited SAC railway Station Centre for the Republic Day celebration. On seeing his condition the staffs of ASSI took immediately care of him and took him to the doctor, later on he was operated upon and now Raju is under daily care of ASSI. He is grateful to the organization; he is looking healthy and recovering very fast.

Under the Child Reunion Program of Sahyog A Child project, ASSI took initiative to restore the lost children to their parents. someof our staff took this initiative and restored the children with their parents. In this initiative four children who were brought to the center by the Railway police Force (RPF) with the approval of Child Welfare Committee (CWC), were benefited.
Beneficiaries were :

1.Kashish: 6 years old Kashish was traveling by a train with her grandmother on her way to Gorakhpur from Allahabad. In the train some miscreants poisoned her grandmother through some eatables, with the intention of robbing her. As she became unconscious, the little girl was left alone. Her grandmother was taken to railway hospital with the help of RPF who informed our organization and handed over the child. She stayed at the center with other SAC children. In the evening one of our staff and the Administrative Director, ASSI, begin to trace her uncle's home in Gorakhpur. As the girl was very young, it took some time to find her place. The parents' were so thrilled to see Kashish as they were so anxious, later on they were also informed about the grandmother who was hospitalized. The family members were very grateful to the organization.

2.Vihba: A 10 year old girl Vihba was found on the railway platform by the Railway Police Force. They informed the organization and she was brought to the center. She is from Samastipur, Bihar. During counseling she told two- three different stories. But later on she told the truth and also the details about her whereabouts. She was also taken home after some days after informing the CWC, One of our staff took her to Bihar, but her home was far away from the Railway station and they had to walk 15 km from Samastipur station to her village. Her parents were very happy and appreciated the good works of ASSI.

3.Akash: Akash is a 15 years old boy, who used to stay with his brother's family. His parents live at Siwan Bihar. One day after being scolded by his sister in law, he ran away from home and reached Gorakhpur railway Station. The Railway Police brought him to the Sahyog a Child Center. The staff of ASSI contacted his parents, and his uncle came to take him back.

4.Ankit Kumar: Ankit was found roaming at the railway Station in Gorakhpur. He is 10 years old, studying in class 5 in Bokaro, Jharkhand. One day he didn't go to school so he was scolded badly by his father. He felt humiliated and after being suggested by his friend he ran away from home. He stole 290 rupees from his father's pocket and left home with his friend, but his friend took the money from him and ran away leaving him at Varanasi. Ankit was alone with no money and had to spend several days without food, finally he went to a nearby shop and asked the keeper to give him some work so that he could get some money for food. After a month and after that he boarded a train to Gorakhpur with the money he had earned.

The day he reached Gorakhpur station, he was caught by railway Police and was brought to SAC center. He stayed in the center for couple of days and then was taken to Jharkhand by one of our staff who had great difficulty in finding his house. His parents were very happy to see their son back home; they were so thankful to ASSI.

we first met Rohit Kumar at Patna railway station. (platform no.04). By then he had become a drug addict. He could not even talk properly. We had some conversation with him for some time and we provided Lunch for him and left. We met him often whenever we went to the station. We kept on counseling him. After few days he gradually left all kinds of bad habits and showed interest to come to our SAC center. We took him to our center and gave him the entire medical checkup (HIV Test, T.B Test, Blood grouping, Hepatitis B vaccination) etc. Then we prepared him for school and within two months we could send him to a formal school. Almost after 4 months he told us about his family's where about. Then we informed his family about Rohit. Soon after hearing about him the whole family was very happy. Rohit doesn't have father, and his mother does not have any work, he has an elder brother but he is not helping his mother. After two days his mother and elder brother came to our office along with one of his neighbor to take Rohit home. First of all when they saw him after long time they were so happy and tears rolled down their eyes. They were eager to take him back to their home. And they were told by our staff to go to court and make an affidavit for receipt of their son. In this way ASSI helped another child to reunite with their parents.
(All the names of the children are changed to protect their identity).

Asian Sahyogi Sanstha India's (ASSI) project Sahyog-A-Child (SAC) works for the rehabilitation and upliftment of the Railway Children who most of the times aren't important enough to grab one's attention. Most of them are either abandoned by their families or are those who lost at very young age. Each one has a different story but the struggles daily to survive at the railway platforms begging, stealing, collecting garbage etc. Very often they become addicted to drugs such as sniffing glue etc to forget hunger and pain. We at ASSI are doing our part by providing shelter and love to these neglected ones. We also provide for their educational, physical, emotional and psychological needs.

Recently ASSI celebrated the Birthday of their SAC children. The ASSI Head Office in Gorakhpur was decorated in colorful balloons and all the staff gathered to celebrate these precious lives. There wasn't anything more beautiful than to see the joy and excitement of the SAC kids. Mr. Victor John President of ASSI together with Mrs. G Chandra, Founder of St. Paul School Gorakhpur was the special guest on the occasion. All the staff and volunteers of ASSI came together to celebrate with the children. The kids were excited as they received gifts from everybody. Mrs. Chandra expressed her gratitude to ASSI for giving her the joy of being with these precious children.

In Feb-2013, at the village of Mahrajganj in District Gorakhpur (UP), a villager on usual day walk through agricultural field notices weak crying voice. When he walks up near the place of voice, he discovers some days old infant wrapped up in dirty clothes helplessly throwing his hand and feet to wriggle out of the cloth. The villager waits for a while to see if someone will come to claim the child. But the time goes by, none appears to stake claim. Looking at the child worsening condition, he shouts and gather the crowd. Someone from the crowd informs the headman of the village. Headman collects all the villager to see if any one asserts child ownership but none come forwards. Village headman calls a village woman who had no children. Post her consent, he gives her the child for care and upbringing, she brings him home and notices that child is not responding to light or any indication. The child health condition, drives her to the nearby hospital. Doctors of the hospital post child examination, tells her that child is blind since birth. Upon receiving such information, she grows anxious and informs the village headman that she cannot care the child. The village headman tries and explore option but he finds none. To save the child, he informs the Child welfare center, a government body. The CWC workers upon fulfillment of formality sends the child to ASSI owned and managed Bal Shishu Grih,. Bal Shishu Grih workers and medical team works hard to restore child health and Today in 2015 because of hard work and care, the child who now is 21⁄2 years of age has started responding to light. He has been named as Satya Prakash. Doctors, upon examination have shown the hope that child vision can be restored. The story does not end here............................................. We at ASSI are working upon many such stories of upliftment.