“Sharing Quality Lifestyle Through Integrated Development”

Education And Training


School Based learning for Destitute Children

  • Our school primarily target disadvantaged family’s children and provide them with free of cost education services
  • ASSI has two middle level schools in Chehri and Shishua villages of district Gorakhpur in Uttar Pradesh.
  • Schools are functional in the villages since the year 2000 and have contributed massively in bringing literacy and employment among countless families.
  • Equipped with good teaching faculty and basic infrastructure with student’s capacity of 450 plus children in each school.
  • Community Learning Centers (CLC)

    ASSI Volunteers use CLC to bring awareness among underprivileged section of society who generally find it difficult to access Government provided services/schemes due to lack of awareness.

    CLC is the creative inspiration of ASSI that aims to generate awareness among the disadvantaged section of society who struggle to understand the ongoing complex changes in political, social and economic environment